John Barnes believes Hendo keyman Lions to stop Mbappe.

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Liverpool legend John Barnes believes Jordan Henderson will be England’s key man in stopping French attacker Kylian Mbappe in a game. Where both teams will face a 2018/19 campaign meet the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

         Star from Paris Saint-Germain Made an outstanding performance by hitting 5 goals leading to the top scorer in the tournament in Qatar. Now considered a danger to the “Roaring Lion” must be managed if they hope to reach the playoffs UFABET 

         Kyle Walker will likely be the man tasked with handling Mbappe from a direct-facing playing position. But Barnes believes Henderson will play a key role in the line-up. Helping the right-back of the team.

         “Henderson does an invisible job, he destroys the game. He has a great attitude have good determination. And He inspires people He’s a leader and he’s a good player.” Barnes told Bonus Codebets.

         “He’s not as popular as Mbappe or Phil Foden. But for Liverpool and England he will never let you down. He’s consistent and if you’re fighting towards the end of the match. You probably don’t need Jack Grealish. you need Jordan Henderson.

         “Henderson looks like a good senior when you have Jude Bellingham in midfield, I would put Henderson on the right flank like he did at Liverpool with Trent. Defensively on the right, when Trent pushes forward. They can join forces to manage Mbappe.

         “Rice will be in charge of the game in the middle while Bellingham is inserted into attack. I think Henderson’s playing in front of Kyle Walker is the key to protecting Walker from Mbappe.