The media exposed! Ben White has a problem with Southgate’s assistant.

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Ben White has had an argument with England assistant Steve Holland. Which is why the defender packed his suitcase back home. The 25-year-old defender bid farewell to the England national football team in Al Wagrah last week. Where the English Football Association Identify the cause of the personal problems of the players.

But the latest report from the Daily Star suggests. That the real reason for the Arsenal defender’s premature withdrawal from the team. UFABET Because the player had an altercation with assistant Holland and right-hand man Southgate.

The British media also revealed that White had originally had trouble adapting to his team-mates, the Roaring Lions, which was the first factor that happened earlier. However, the final straw that brought the incident to a breaking point was an argument with Holland. 

Ben White and Holland reportedly had an argument after the players refused to meet with the team ahead of their game against the United States in the group stage. which the two argued with enthusiasm until finally escalated

The conclusion is that White withdrew from the team and returned to England immediately. While the Three Lions are now preparing to face France in the quarter-finals.

However, Southgate insisted: “As I understand it. The news report is written as alleged, so whoever writes this news He wasn’t sure it was right. Ben had to go for personal reasons. We were very clear about that and I think today it is very important that we confirm the same again.”