Havetz opens up after being criticized for poor form at Arsenal

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Havetz opens up after being criticized for poor form at Arsenal

  • The player joined Arsenal for a fee of £65 million.
  • Germany is scheduled to play against the Japan and France national teams in a national warm-up game next week.

Kai Havetz midfielder for the German national team Came out to talk about the beginning of his not-so-pretty form with Arsenal. After moving to join them this season. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

German national team midfielder There are still results that are not very satisfactory in the opinion of football fans. After 4 games, he still has inconsistent form with his teammates. And there is starting to be more and more criticism of the players’ performance compared to reserve players like Fabio Vieira, who often get the chance to play as substitutes. And performed well by Havet, who has spoken out about his own performance during his stay with the German national team.

“Many times I went through times like this. And we often only see negative things. It’s not the first club that’s happened to me. Of course I want to succeed as quickly as possible when I move to a new team. But I know that I will have to adapt. And try to deal with it as relaxed as possible,” Havet said.

Arsenal will play their next Premier League game against Everton on 17 September 2023.