Chelsea boss clearly not the one. Who chose to sign Cole Palmer

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Chelsea boss ‘clearly not the one. Who chose to sign Cole Palmer

  • Palmer joins for £42.5m from Manchester City
  • Chelsea signed 12 players in the August transfer market.

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has admitted that signing Cole Palmer to join the team was not his idea. despite being a good player. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

Chelsea have already cross the £1 billion mark in investment. Since the takeover of the club by the capital group that has Todd Bohly as the owner of Chelsea Football Club with the signing of 12 players in the past trading market Despite having released a slightly larger number of players than the arrivals. But looking at the large number of trades since last season, Chelsea now have a lot of new players in the team that Pochettino. Who just took over this season, has to deal with. The signing of Cole Palmer came on the last day of the August trading cycle. Which was stated by the Argentine boss It was not his idea to sign this contract.

“I think it’s about the idea of club director and team owners to add players to the team I think he’s a player who fits the bill with a team built around talented young players. and players choose to move to play with Chelsea With the expectation that he will get more playing opportunities. and became an important member of the club And Chelsea has plans for him. develop his game for that opportunity.”

“The players already have quality. But it is necessary in terms of time to adapt to the team. and show whether he is better than the rest of the team to play. It will definitely be difficult fighting for a place in the team.”